Chris Ball

What I do

I’m a Head of Creative with 10 years experience delivering digital work for some excellent brands.


What do I believe

Clients have needs, creative's have desires. Some where in-between I broker that relationship to ensure the delivery of great work that makes a client happy and the agency a profit.


How do I do it

Good communication with clients and selecting the right people for the right job is key to delivering a quality product. If it’s an internal job then I’ll get the best out of the team,  if work needs outsourcing then establishing and managing that relationship is what I do.


A background in creative means I don’t only think in straight lines. That’s why I find creative solutions to unexpected problems. Experience working in media means I understand issues outside of creative. That’s why my campaigns go live on time.


Click to read what Vodafone say about me and my reference from UNICEF.


Chris Ball